Friday, 22 April 2011

This is the cover for the second part of the Shadow Seer, minus the wording, of course :) Looks fab, I think. We had a few issues with getting the angle of the face right in the foreground, but it's all done now. Suitably spooky. Personally I preferred the child's face when it was chubby, but she's meant to look half starved, and now I think she does.

And on Children of the Shadow:

7448 / 200000

It's a start! I finally have it underway with a beginning that I don't hate. Now I just have to stop with the facebook games, and sitting out in the sun with the cats, and get on with it.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Just like with buses, there is nothing and then everything happens at once. I have a friend working on a trailor for the Shadow Seer and the book itself is iminant on its way to print. A new cover and side bit had to be put together, to show that it's been split, but that's been done, and now a price just has to be sorted and off it goes! Should be on in a week or so. Not sure how much longer for the UK. Just hoping that the price doesn't go up! Last time it was 14 dollars in the US and 18 pounds in the UK which is over double the equivilant. Which is a bit nuts! Charlotte is getting to work on the cover for the second part, and the publisher just needs to ok the synopsis I sent and the blurb and then that's off too :) It's taken a very long time, over five years in fact since I finished it and secured my first publisher (who went under) so I don't think I will believe it's done until I hold it in my hand. But it seems to be going that way at long last.