Wednesday, 23 February 2011

After not getting very far with the Forest of Ghosts I have decided to work on the Children of the Shadow instead. This is the final book in the Ellenessia's Curse series and I'm hoping that working on it, getting it out the way and done, will let my thoughts roam more freely so that I can develop the Forest of Ghosts properly. Besides, I think my hero, Candale, has waited long enough for an end to his tale, to find out what it's all about and find some happiness, and so I'm going to give it to him. As with the Seer's Tower I've had a couple of false starts, trying to find the right place to start the last chapter of Candale's tale, but I think that I've found it now. Only time will tell, of course. Strangely, it's with him in bed. It's where the first and second books both started, it seems right that the last one should begin in the same place, I guess. Why break with tradition?

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bristol Con is selling tickets, cheaper now until May. Really hoping to be there, selling books and whatnot, this year. if you're interested.

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not been doing much. Spring is in the air and it makes me restless. Makes me wonder how I ever got anything done before!