Thursday, 31 March 2011

Just discovered there's a review of my book at On a Pale Star. You can read it HERE. It's pretty positive, they're looking forward to the next one, which is nice, and didn't find Candale whiny, but likable, which is also good, especially as that was a bit of a worry for me. All in all, yay :)

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Well, not getting far with Children of the Shadow! No surprise there. It's hard to find the right place to start really. Should I start when he's a prisoner, half unconscious, when he's rescued, when he's meeting with the seer who arranged his rescue, or just a general morning at the keep where that seer lives? It's hard to get the right start, one that can easily lead onto the rest of the story, but still be interesting. It's also hard because this time the hero is with a whole lot of new characters, in a completely new place, and introducing them, and informing the readers of how he got to this point, without info dumping is hard!

But, in happier news, the publisher has told me that she wants to get all the print books on the list started first week in April and that I should go ahead and get the cover for the second part of book one done. So i have. So, hopefully, the book will be done soon (not sure how long it takes to be listed on Amazon and so forth) and out in time for the book launch bbq I have already arranged for July. And, of course, in time for the convention November, so I might actually get to do one!